The OFS – Order of Secular Franciscans (Ordo Franciscanus Sæcularis) . . . Who We Are, and Our History

I have done what is mine to do ...When we speak of “Who we are” or talk about “Our history” as Secular Franciscans, we begin a journey that covers many centuries since the time of Francis, many countries and cultures as the Franciscan Family has grown world-wide, and sort of “ends” (if there is such a thing in Franciscan life!) in the way the Secular Family specifically exists today.

Still, in spite of all this history upon which the Franciscan Tree has grown, we can break the areas of “Who we are” and “Our history” into three distinct areas of interest: St. Francis; the Franciscan Family; and the Secular Family today. Furthering our journey, we can then engage these areas a little deeper, looking at the Franciscan Family through its three branches: the Brothers and Sisters of Penance; the Lesser Brothers; and St. Clair and her Sisters. We can also look at the Secular Family today through its Solemn Promises, and our Religious Habit.

These areas of interest form a good foundational introduction to the Secular Franciscan history, traditions and modern expressions. Take some time to read of our journey, and appreciate how the Secular Franciscan Order has become the Order we know and love today.


0625f5473066b4dda23acdb8cb51fe67St. Francis

The Franciscan Family         

Brothers and Sisters of Penance

The Lesser Brothers (Fratrum Minorum)

St. Clare and her Sisters

The Secular Family Today

Our Solemn Promises

Our Religious Habit